Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessert wine

Dessertwijn produced from grapes gathered later in the harvest season. The rich taste of dark chocolate complements this well. The BLUE NUN trademark for wine dates back to medieval Germany. Its wines have been revered for centuries, and their popularity has only increased as a result of their high quality. It’s accurate to refer to the business as a “icon.” The Mainz winery founded by Hermann Sichel in 1857. H. Sichel Sohne founded the BLUE NUN label in 1921 by renaming the best wine of the year to BLUE NUN. This brand shot to prominence overnight, and today it can be found on the shelves of the finest restaurants in London, including those with Michelin stars. In the early 1930s, shipping the United Kingdom less than a thousand cartons of a single brand was not at all unusual. The wine’s reputation as a global phenomenon persists to this day. In 1995, Sichel and Langguth founded the first BLUE NUN. Production quality is emphasized. This wine is constantly subjected to the most cutting-edge techniques in order to improve its quality. The wine’s flavor has grown somewhat more astringent and dry with age. The designation “Qualitatswein” was awarded to BLUE NUN because of their commitment to producing high-quality wines and their desire to further improve their processes.

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